Codename: Asero is 1st sci-fi, romantic movie

GET ready for primetime's most heart-pounding action-packed series in Codename: Asero! It is GMA Network's grandest and first-ever sci-fi romantic movie on primetime television, which starts airing tonight on GMA Telebabad, taking over the timeslot of Joaquin Bordado, which concluded on Friday.

Topbilled by Primetime King Richard Gutierrez, Codename: Asero boasts of an enthralling story, a powerhouse cast and a remarkable creative team led by Annette Gozon-Abrogar, Don Michael Perez and RJ Nuevas.

It is also directed by two of the country's most distinguished directors: Mark Reyes and Mike Tuviera.

The all-new program, Codename: Asero not only features state-of-the-art props and grand set designs but also goes to great heights shooting its sequences in the most scenic locations here and abroad. The show also uses high quality film and equipment creating a unique and distinct texture on screen.

Codename: Asero is about a young man named Grecko Abesamis (Richard Gutierrez) who will do anything to protect his family. But unknown to his family, Grecko lives a double life as the talented Agent Phoenix of the Advocate. It is a secret agency whose mission is to get rid of lawbreakers in the world.

The Advocate's number one opponent, on the other hand, is the secret agency called The Empire whose ultimate goal is to destroy The Advocate.

The story begins when The Advocate sends Agent Phoenix on a mission. During his mission, Grecko meets the lovely Emily San Juan (Heart Evangelista) in the breathtaking country of Dubai. During this quest, The Empire finds out Grecko's true identity as Agent Phoenix and comes up with a plan to retaliate.

The Empire kidnaps Grecko's sister and only agrees to release her if he can find and deliver important software needed by the wicked The Empire agency. Grecko finally agrees and goes on the deadly mission.

The mission proved to be lethal to this talented secret agent. He was barely breathing when a Japanese scientist tries to rescue him. To be able to survive, Grecko had to undergo a delicate procedure, an operation that will cause all of his memory to disappear.

Now, he is unable to remember his life as Grecko or his life as The Advocate's star agent. The Japanese scientist turned him into a cyborg but not just any cyborg but the most powerful cyborg the world has ever known. He is named Codename: Asero.

How will the Abesamis family accept the changes in their beloved Grecko - now that he is a cyborg - without feelings or any memory? How will the Advocate face their former number one agent who turns out to be their newest and strongest foe? How will he understand the women in his life? Emily, Fran and Claire? And how will Codename: Asero be able to find his way back to become human?

Joining Richard Guttierez in this grand action-adventure series are Richard Gomez as Ibsen Abesamis, Grecko's father who is a university professor; Michael V as Bodjie X, the Advocate's resident inventor; Janno Gibbs as Geron Aguilar, Grecko's agent-partner; Carmina Villaroel as Lady Q, the head of the Advocate and the newest member of the GMA-7's roster of talents -- Heart Evangelista as Emily San Juan, a poor, young woman working in Dubai hiding from her fiancé‚ who accused her of theft and whose charm and beauty captures the heart of Grecko, Agent Phoenix and Codename: Asero.

Also in the cast are Paolo Contis as Dave Aviejo, Emily's fiance; Ramon Christopher as Gary Morales/Codename: Apollo of the group Empire; Ehra Madrigal as Dayze Tagimoro, daughter of the Japanese scientist that changed Grecko into cyborg; Chynna Ortaleza as Fran Guevarra, Grecko's girlfriend; Francine Prieto as Aureana, the sexy assistant of Bodjie X; Rhian Ramos as Claire Morales, and Ms. Caridad Sanchez as Lola Bertita, Emily's selfish grandmother.

Completing the cast are Marky Cielo, Bobby Andrews, Rainier Castillo, Bubbles Paraiso, Rocky Gutierrez, Elvis Gutierrez, Martin delos Santos, Chariz Solomon, Jenny Miller, Sheree, Ysa Villar, Joanne Quintas and Shyr Valdez.