Agent Phoenix and Agent Rocktar came under fire after Bricko’s cover was blown by Emily. After an action packed shootout Bricko and Emily was able to escape Jupiter’s men and went on their own separate ways. Back at the boarding house Emily discovered that she got Bricko’s DVD. She asked Bricko to meet her at the spice market to exchange DVD’s. At the market, Bricko, Emily and Rockstar were chased by Jupiter’s men but they’re able to elude them riding on a boat ferry. Little did they know that two of Jupiter’s was onboard and were ordered to kill agent Phoenix and Rockstar.At the Empire headquarters, Apollo was very furious for the lost of the disc and promised to get it and eliminate agent Phoneix at all cost. Apollo’s daughter was shown at her sickbed and mentions “Project Hercules” as the only way to make her daughter walk again.