Grecko Abesamis aka Agent Phoenix is a special representative of an organization called lawyer, he was sent to Dubai, United Arab Emirates together with Agent Rocktar to special mission of obtaining the disk of Project Hercules of Jupiter one of the three leaders of government organization (Phoenix' s archrival). Agent Phoenix was ordered to infiltrate the party costume of Jupiter and get the disk from him. Meanwhile, Emily is an OFW working in a jewellery shop in Dubai, she was wrongly accused of the steal of a number of jewellery, but was able to avoid prison, thanks her friend Dave , the son of the owner. Emily had a gut feeling that she' s are frame-up by Dave' s parents. She was clearly determined-up to its name and the only way to do that is to the cctv footage of the store.Emily and Grecko went unasked at the costume party with two different agendas. Bricko could elude the tight security of the building and made his way to Jupiter' s room. The mission was almost completed when Emily in the room, to make matters worst Jupiter and his concubine also arrives. Bricko and Emily were forced to hide in the closet, but Jupiter tapped. Jupiter grip his gun and gently open the cupboard, Bricko is a trick by pretending to make love with Emily.