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A young man named Grecko Abesamis (Gutierrez) who will do anything to protect his family. But unknown to his family, Grecko lives a double life as the talented Agent Phoenix of The Advocate. It is a secret agency whose mission is to get rid of lawbreakers in the world. The Advocate's number one opponent, on the other hand, is the secret agency called The Empire whose ultimate goal is to destroy The Advocate.

The story begins when The Advocate sends Agent Phoenix on a mission. During his mission, Grecko meets the lovely Emily San Juan (Evangelista) in Dubai. During this quest, The Empire finds out Grecko's true identity as Agent Phoenix and comes up with a plan to retaliate.

The Empire kidnaps Grecko's sister and only agrees to release her if he can find and deliver an important software needed by the wicked The Empire agency. Grecko finally agrees and goes on the deadly mission. The mission proved to be lethal to this talented secret agent. He was barely breathing when a Japanese scientist tries to rescue him. Grecko undergoes a delicate procedure, an operation that will cause all of his memory to disappear.

Now, he is unable to remember his life as Grecko or his life as The Advocate's star agent. The Japanese scientist turned him into a powerful cyborg named Codename: Asero.